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Frequently Asked Questions

Modification Letter

  1. Why have I received this letter?

    You have received this letter because you have a two-way radio license that was issued to you by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Your call sign issue date and expiration date are contained in the "License Data Sheet" that you received along with the "Modification Division Letter". Your license periodically needs to be updated or modified depending on what specific operating modifications/changes have been made.
  2. What do I do if I want FLI to handle this Modification?

    Simply follow the instructions in the "Modification Letter" or contact our office between the hours of
    8am - 3:30pm EST at (888)334-9262.

  3. How can Federal Licensing help?

    As a full service license preparation firm, we prepare and file thousands of modifications annually. Simply follow the directions in the "Modification Division Letter" that you received and we will start the process for you and take it through granted status with the FCC.

  4. What if I have made no changes?

    If you have made no changes to your license in the past five years (half way through the grant period) you don't have to do anything at this time. You can keep the Modification Letter and it can be used at a later date for any modification that may occur prior to the actual expiration of the license. You can also use it when it's time to renew your license. If being used with a renewal, please submit 90 days prior to expiration as the FCC's application approval can take up to three (3) months.
  5. What if I have made changes?

    The FCC states that if you have made any changes to your license you are required to file a modification (Form 601) in order to keep operating under the license. In this way the license is kept current and updated.

  6. What does this letter mean?

    This letter means that you need to review your license to make sure that you are still operating legally, within the conditions that the license was originally issued.
    FCC records indicate that the majority of licensees require modification during the ten year license grant period.
    Many licensees change one component or another of their radio system during the license term and unknowingly continue to operate under the same license. In this case, the licensee is in direct violation of the FCC Rules and susceptible to newly imposed FCC fines.
    FCC Policy Statement #91-217 established various fines for wrongful operation of a radio system. One such fine is $8000 per day for unlicensed/improperly licensed use of a radio system.

  7. What is a Modification?

    A change in the conditions of any data (administrative and technical OR technical) that has occurred to a license during the ten (10) year license term. Modifications/changes that require a filing change (Form 601) are listed in the "Modification Division Letter" above that you have received from FLI. (Eg. Change in mailing address, change in number of mobiles, etc.).

Renewing Letter

  1. If I currently have a license for a 25 kHz channel, will I automatically be entitled to license two 12.5 kHz channels after I Narrowband?

    No. Your 12.5 kHz channel will remain on the same 25 kHz channel center. Your current 25 kHz channel will not be split into two 12.5 kHz channels. You will need to justify and apply for additional 12.5 kHz channels through a certified frequency coordinator.
  2. Will I lose coverage area when I Narrowband?

    It has been estimated that Narrowband compliance can result in a 3 dB loss in signal strength; however, this rule of thumb is based upon a "plain vanilla" Narrowbanding scenario where a 25 kHz analog system converts to a 12.5 kHz analog system. Consult with a manufacturer and/or consulting engineer for a better estimate of how Narrowbanding will affect your particular system.
  3. Has the FCC established a schedule for mandatory migration to 6.25 kHz efficiency?

    No. The Commission has not set any date by which licensees must operate in 6.25 kHz efficiency. The current mandate only requires users to migrate to at least 12.5 kHz efficiency by January 1, 2013.

    Assistance regarding your licensing needs is always available by calling Federal Licensing, Inc. between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm EST at 888-334-9262.

  4. Why have I received this letter?

    You have received this letter because you were issued a two-way radio license by the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) and it is going to expire and needs to be renewed. You can also use this letter to modify your license if you have made changes to this license in the past ten (10) years.
  5. Are you the Federal Communications Commission?

    No, Federal Licensing, Inc. is a full service license preparation firm. We are located adjacent to the Federal Communications Commission in Gettysburg, PA. Since 1982, we have been providing a full line of application services to the licensees of the FCC. Assistance regarding your licensing needs is always available by calling Federal Licensing, Inc. between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm EST at 888-334-9262.

  6. I have received a notice like this from another company, what do I do?

    Ask for a refund - if another company has requested preparation fees from a radio user more than nine months prior to the expiration date of that license then that entity is probably not legitimate since the FCC will not even accept renewals greater than 90 days prior to expiration. If the entity does not refund your money, you should report them to the FCC, Compliance Division.
  7. Are there any additional costs?

    There can be additional filing fees charged by the FCC as well as a frequency coordination fee charged by government appointed coordination companies (EWA, etc.); it all depends on the complexity and purposeful use of the radio system. Not all radio users are required to pay additional fees. You would be notified of additional fees, if they apply, prior to the renewal preparation process.

  8. When will my license expire?

    Your expiration date should be in the top right corner of the enclosed "License Data Sheet". A license can be renewed up to 90 days prior to the expiration date. However, if you have major changes/modifications to the existing license it may take an additional three (3) months to get through the process, so allow for a total of six months.
  9. What does Federal Licensing Inc. charge for a renewal?

    FLI charges $110 to prepare the application paperwork that is required for a renewal submission.
  10. Why would I pay Federal Licensing?

    1. The license grant is for a ten (10) year period. Usually, the person that handled the renewal ten years earlier is not the same person that will be handling the renewal. The current person in charge of the renewal may not even be aware of the two-way radio license, let alone be familiar with the application process for renewal.
    2. The FCC is continually making changes to the governing rules and regulations Part 90 that control the proper use of the two-way radio systems. Most licensees do not keep current on all of the regulations that govern their radio system.
    3. The FCC penalty for illegally/improperly used licensed radio systems is $8000/day; not many operators can afford to be out of compliance and face the penalty, even for a short period of time. 

Expiration Letter

  1. Is the $175.00 a complete fee?

    No, the $175 is our preparation fee only. Depending on the license, you will also be responsible for the FCC renewal fee as well as a waiver fee for filing your application late (after expiration). Once we have a chance to review the specific license, we will notify you regarding any and all additional fees. There will not be any additional fees paid to Federal Licensing.

  2. What do I do to get the process started?

    If you want Federal Licensing to initiate the process for you please tear off the bottom portion of the data sheet and return it to our office with our preparation fee of $175. Please include your fax number or email address so that when we receive this we can send you the necessary paperwork to reinstate this license. Since we have less than 30 days to renew, time is of the essence.
  3. What is a reinstatement?

    Once your license has expired, the FCC allows for a 30 day grace period for a license to be renewed prior to the termination of the call sign and use of all radio equipment licensed under that call sign. Renewing a license during the 30- day grace period is called a license reinstatement. The 30 day period starts at the date of expiration printed on the attached license data sheet.
  4. What does this letter mean?

    If your license has expired, you can no longer operate your two way radios legally until you have the license reinstated.
  5. Why did I receive this letter?

    You have received this letter because your Two Way Radio license that was issued to you by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has expired. Your call sign, issue date and expiration date are contained in the “License Data Sheet” that you received along with the “Expiration Division Letter”. Your license was issued for a ten year period and that period has now expired.
  6. What happens if my license has expired and I’m already past my 30 day grace period?

    The only option you have at this time is to apply for a brand new license & call sign. This is a bit more complicated and if you would like our assistance, please contact Federal Licensing Inc. between the hours of 8AM and 3:30PM Eastern Time at 888-334-9262